WWE 2K22: MyRise Career Mode guide

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Tips for your Create-a-wrestler (CAW).

Many wrestling games have had their own Career Modes over the years. In that respect, MyRise in WWE 2K22 is similar, albeit there are a few important distinctions. Our WWE 2K22 MyRise Career Mode guide will walk you through the CAWs path, skill point accumulation, bouts, and unlockables. 

Career Mode suggestions for your CAW in WWE 2K22 MyRise

Choosing your background in WWE 2K22 MyRise Career Mode

You can choose between a male and a female athlete when you initially start MyRise Career Mode in WWE 2K22. After that, you’ll see a selection panel for the various backgrounds:

MMA – +5% arm power, +5% leg power, and +10% technical submission defense.

Pro Athlete – +5% agility, +10% body durability, and +5% grapple offense.
Indie – +10% aerial offense, +5% grapple reversal, and +5% technical submission offense.

Actor – +5% recovery, 5% movement speed, and +10% stamina.

Note that some personalities, such as your Performance Center opponent, Josie Jane, will have speech based on your past in addition to stat increases.

MyRise Career Mode in WWE 2K22 – Your CAW

Remember that the CAW you build in WWE 2K22’s MyRise can only be used in this mode. It is not available in regular matches or Universe Mode. Due to this limitation, you must decide whether or not you want to devote a significant amount of time and effort to creating your own fighter. I recommend simply choosing a persona (i.e., outfit) and sticking with it.

Here are a few more interesting facts:

You have the option of selecting your CAWs archetype/class (i.e., Technician, Striker, Powerhouse, or High-Flyer). This is not something that can be modified later.
You can still change the appearance and name of your CAWs later on. You can only set their body type, which includes height and weight, at the start.

WWE 2K22 MyRise Career Mode – The Performance Center

You’ll always start your MyRise journey in the performance center in WWE 2K22. Kory Klein (recruiter), Josie Jane (rival), Meilee “Fanny” Fan (your friend who is also a competition), Beth Phoenix, and Shawn Michaels are all female characters.

You’ll face Josie Jane, as well as a main roster superstar in need of an opponent, when you’re just getting started (i.e., Sasha Banks). Following that, pay attention to the types of discussions you’ll have and your responses:

Challenges — These are one-off matches against other wrestlers, such as fighting Raquel Gonzalez in a mo-cap suit (which you’ll also unlock).

Story – These will usually lock you in and restrict you from exploring other locations until the entire storyline has been accomplished. You may just need to finish one match in the Performance Center. However, on the three brands (Raw, SmackDown, and NXT), a narrative necessitates the completion of multiple matches.

Social Media – You can be requested to face another wrestler if you read any PMs. Shawn, for example, may want you to pay respect to the past, which may lead to a conflict with Chyna.

The Performance Center’s First Championship – Ask Beth Phoenix about her ideas for a championship for the Performance Center. In a triple threat encounter, you’ll have to face Josie Jane and Fanny. Then there’s a combat royale, in which Beth Phoenix takes part.

Alignment: Heel vs. Face – A green mask (face) or a red mask (face) appears on some challenges or dialogue responses (heel). You may experience different branches depending on your CAWs alignment, such as actively meddling in a rival’s battles if you’re a heel.


In WWE 2K22’s MyRise, your CAW’s qualities are divided into several categories:

Striking – Arm power and leg power.
Grappling – Grapple offense and strength.
Aerial/Running – Aerial offense, aerial range, running offense, movement speed, and agility.
Submission – Power submission offense, technical submission offense, power submission defense, and technical submission defense.
Defense – Strike reversal, grapple reversal, and aerial reversal.
Resilience – Body durability, arm durability, leg durability, pin escape, stamina, and recovery.

You can either play to your CAW’s strengths (i.e., selected background and archetype/class) or you can play to your CAW’s weaknesses (i.e., chosen background and archetype/class). Alternatively, you can concentrate on the moves you use frequently in matches. Striking and submissions are two of my favorite techniques. When you combine that with a somewhat higher Defense, you’ll be able to use reversals more effectively.

The Development of the Story

You can fulfill a set amount of objectives for each show, which you can view in this page. Different locations/hubs are also used by different shows. You may need to return to the same place several times to exhaust all possible chat options in case you’re missing out on any challenges or storylines.

Moving on to the main roster in WWE 2K22 MyRise Career Mode

After a few games at the Performance Center, Kory Klein will send you a message about scouts from the main roster. She’ll ask if you’re ready to move on if you still have some challenges to fulfill. You can decline at any time by clicking on that PM, and the choice will remain open.

Start the PC Showcase once you’ve got everything set up. You’ll be pitted against a celebrity from each business (i.e., Shotzi Blackheart for NXT, Lacey Evans for SmackDown, and Sasha Banks for Raw).