WWE 2K22 MyRise Female Story Mode

WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 is a sequel to WWE 2K21. There’s a narrative for everyone in MyRISE: Career Mode.

In this new narrative, pave your way to the WWE Hall of Fame.

WWE 2K22 is a sequel to WWE 2K21. MyRISE reintroduces parts of the iconic Career Mode and story experiences from previous WWE video games, attempting to recapture some of its allure.

With a hard reset from the old MyCAREER, WWE 2K22 MyRISE has taken things to a new level, and we’ve got all the details you need on this new game mode.

While play time varies, the average length of the Men’s MyRISE and Women’s MyRISE campaigns is roughly 25 hours each, for a total of about 50 hours of content.

In a single WWE 2K22 MyRISE playing, you’ll be able to take your customized superstar from the Performance Center through NXT, Raw, and SmackDown.

Part 1 of the Female MyRise Gameplay

In the Performance Center where you start your WWE Career, you will be able to fully customize your create a wrestler (CAW) and begin your training. Already training at the PC are to other women Josie Jane and Meilee Fanny Fan, you will be trained by Beth Phoenix and Shawn Michaels.

To complete all of the 14 stories at the WWE Performance Center make sure to check on the story progress and save the PC Showcase for last.

Triple H will hold a PC Showcase to scout the talent you will have 3 managers watching and have the option to pick your match between Shotzi Blackheart, Lacey Evans and Sasha Banks. If you choose and defeat Sasha Banks you will have the option to speak with all 3 GM’s before making your decision on which brand to join. If this is your first time playing or just looking to build up your superstars stats before taking on the best of WWE I would go with NXT brand. Defeat Shotzi and start your journey at NXT.

NXT story has 19 exciting stories RAW has 20 and SmackDown has 18 each with the option to obtain more attribute upgrades. Some stories in WWE 2K22 will only have one match and some will have 2,3 and more matches in order to complete them. Note: you are not required to win ever match in order to complete the story but there are a few that are mandatory to get the win in order to advance the story progress.

Follow along as we compete in RAW for the WWE Womens Champions and the IC Title.

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